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The Condo Shop is the largest purveyor of the finest Condominium Rentals in the Philadelphia Area. Our Realtors are the most experienced in finding the perfect rental property be it a condominium, brownstone or the more traditional apartment building.

All agents have extensive experience in assisting with the rental process from start to finish.
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We conduct customized searches from thousands of apartment listings, property management companies and private property owners through out the Philadelphia and Five county areas. The Condo Shop offers a wide variety of rental listings that will help you find the perfect home.

We can help you to discover the perfect Philadelphia apartment rental by using precise search criteria such as: price, number of bedrooms, type of housing, type of listing, as well as apartment and community features.

When beginning your Philadelphia apartments search, you can just rest assured you’re at the right place.

Rent Philly is a Condo Shops (TCS) Rental Portal and is the largest purveyor of the finest apartment and condominium rentals in the Philadelphia Area. For a limited Time, you can also submit and manage your rentals on your own terms for FREE at Rent Philly Classifieds Portal!

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Investors: We represent many investors in the process from finding them the most opportunistic investment products on the market to finding the perfect tenant and providing the day-to-day management of their assets.

Gold OllerPlease feel free to visit our sister company www.GoldOller.com

The Condo Shop sister company GoldOller Investments owns roughly 7000 apartment units through out the United States.


Our Fundamental Principle is the simple Philosophy of knowing our neighbors and understanding our neighborhoods.