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2601 Emerald Street Adds More Upscale Housing to East Kensington

On January 8, 2018

2601 emerald stEast Kensington has been seeing the same kind of rapid development that South Kensington and Fishtown have been seeing in recent years.  Much of East Kensington was a gritty, working class area a decade ago, and saw little development.  But now, new, upscale development is working its way all the way up to Lehigh Avenue.  One such development is at 2601 Emerald Street, a couple blocks south of Lehigh Avenue.  2601 Emerald Street is being developed by Streamline and designed by Harman Deutsch Architecture.  It is replacing a long vacant and derelict warehouse.

2601 Emerald Street will have 40 condominium units in fourteen individual buildings.  The buildings will be attached in two sets of seven in a row along Emerald and Braddock Streets, with the sides along Huntingdon Street.  The buildings will be mostly triplexes, with two duplexes.  As usual for Harman Deutsch, the buildings have a very modern appearance, with oyster gray brick surrounding large windows, interspersed with metal panels.  The facades will include stoops and planters and the architects have effectively hidden the utility meters from sight and included LED exterior lighting.  All the structures will be four stories tall with roof decks on top.  There will be ten parking spaces in between the rows of buildings, and a bit of green space.  There will, also, be fourteen spaces for bicycle parking.  

2601 Emerald Street continues the recent redevelopment of East Kensington further into Kensington proper.  Kensington was once known as a rough, post-industrial section of the city, but is blossoming into a popular neighborhood with a growing number of high-tech and creative businesses.  2601 Emerald Street adds to the residential mix of the growing East Kensington community.

By, Gabriel Gottlieb

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