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4 Clues You are Being Too Critical in Your Search for Your New Home

On May 4, 2016

the right home“If you’re shopping for a home, it’s nice to think you won’t settle for anything less than perfection. But come on, that’s kind of like holding out for the “perfect” partner—romantic, but unrealistic. Get a grip, folks!

“No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’ll never find a house that meets all your needs forever,” says Carrie Benuska, a Realtor® at John Aaroe Group in Pasadena, CA. “And if you’re too detail-focused, you could pass up one that suits you now or only needs modification.”

No, we’re not telling you to just settle. But we want to make sure you aren’t one of those overly hard-to-please, pie-in-the-sky idealists who’ll end up with no home at all.

Check out these signs your pickiness level is off the charts and could stand for some tapering back.

Sign No. 1: You know exactly what you want—to a fault

It makes sense to house hunt with a few basic criteria in mind (open kitchen, quiet street). But if your wish list is airtight and hermetically sealed (i.e., you pass up a home because your furniture doesn’t fit in the bedroom), a great place could slip right past your radar.

“People often think they know what kind of house they want before they start looking, but they usually don’t,” says Wendy Flynn, owner of Wendy Flynn Realty in College Station, TX. “Checklists should evolve as people visit more homes with priorities rising and falling.”

So, the less ironclad your wish list, the better. Flexibility is your friend.”

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