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5 Great Benefits of Condo Living

On October 16, 2011

Condo Living

Sally works as an account executive in a Philadelphia outsourcing company. She and her husband own a mortgaged house in the suburbs. They constantly struggle with the ever-increasing mortgage fees and interests. “We’re financially hard-pressed,” admits Sally. Since their house is on the outskirts of the town and have jobs in the city, they commute everyday. Sally and her husband endure three tortuous hours of travel from home to their work and back. They often arrive home in the evening tired and stressed up. In addition, their car’s fuel consumption takes a significant amount from their budget. On weekends, Sally brings her kids to a pool for the swimming lessons. Then she attends to mowing their lawn, and haggles with repairmen for the frequent repairs like leaky faucet and stuck kitchen sink. She hardly has time for herself.

Jennifer works in the same company with Sally. Like Sally, she too is married and has two kids. But unlike Sally, Jennifer has more free time. She often goes out on a date with her husband, and schedules family outings once a month. Jennifer does not have to deal with commuting, house repairs or mowing the lawns. Taking the kids for swimming lessons is as easy as picking up a towel and walking out the door. She enjoys good night sleep. She does not worry about burglary because there is a round-the-clock security. Jennifer lives in a center city condo with her family.

The Benefits Of A Condo

Condo living gives many wonderful benefits. You reap a bunch of perks and amenities not available in owning single detached houses. Among these benefits are:


Remember how Sally struggled with her home mortgage? Homeowners like her face excessive mortgage fees. The interests alone from these mortgages increase every year. During hard times, your mortgaged house could risk foreclosure. You lose your house which represents your accumulated earnings of a lifetime.

Not so with a condo unit. It’s much affordable to own a condo unit than a single detached house. A condo comes easy on the budget. And you are assured of a fixed minimal fee regardless of economic reversals.


Too often, condos are located in the heart of the city. Shopping malls, markets, hospitals, schools and even workplaces lie within easy walking distance.

You never have to endure traffic in commuting to work or waste unnecessary car’s fuel costs for buying your groceries. You save time, money, and effort when you live in a condo.


Most condos nowadays come equipped with recreational health facilities. Your family could take a dip in the swimming pool, have a good engaging game of tennis in play area, and soak later on a relaxing sauna bath. You get to enjoy all these perks and stay healthy. Unlike in condo, these amenities are not readily available when living in single detached homes.


You no longer have to cope up with the unending cost of maintaining your lawn, leaky faucet, stuck kitchen sink, or any other house repairs. Condo takes care of all these. Condo living takes away the entire repair and maintenance worries so you can spend your time with other enjoyable pursuits with your families.


Worried about burglary or break-ins? Living in a condo frees your mind from these worries. “I put a premium on my family’s security,” declares Jennifer. “That’ why we choose to live in a condo.” Living in a condo assures you of round-the-clock security. Visitors are logged in and out. Security cameras constantly monitor the building. And roving detailed personnel secures your area 24 hours a day. You get peace of mind throughout, knowing that you, your family and your belongings are safe and secure.

“I’m happy living in a condominium,” Jennifer says. “I get to enjoy the best that life has to offer with my family.” Like her, you too, can enjoy these great benefits if you choose to live in a condo.

Claire Stevens finished Business Administration in Harvard University. She gained solid work experiences as a housing finance consultant and mortgage facilitator. She has successfully establishes herself as an reputable expert in real estate industry. Aside from her hectic work schedule, Miss Claire also writes for several business journals and magazines. She presently serves as a consultant for In her spare time, Claire enjoys reading and baking cookies. Miss Claire lives in Manhattan with her husband and 3 kids)

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