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Best Pet Stores in the Philadelphia Area

On June 16, 2021

If you’re a pet owner, than you know just how many things our furry friends require. Between food, toys, supplements, cages, and everything else you can imagine, it’s no secret that trips to the pet store are pretty much a weekly occasion. While you can certainly get whatever you need at Petco or Petsmart, we’re here to tell you about some smaller local pet stores that will cater to all of your pet’s needs!


Amelie’s Bark Shop 

Located in South Philly, this pet store is actually named after the owner’s Shih Tzu-mix pup. The best part about this per store is the in-house bakery makes just about any dog treat you could imagine! Anything from peanut butter pretzels to doggy cakes and cookies- they almost look good enough for a human to eat! They also carry a nice selection of both toys and supplies for your little guy!


Doggie Style Pets

If you’ve ever walked around Philadelphia, there’s a good chance you’ve passed by one of these shops before! Doggie Style has ten locations in the area, with two more coming to New Jersey. They have a nice broad selection of toys, treats, food, and medications. They even have grooming and bath services so you can give your furry friend a little spa day!


Baltimore Pet Shoppe

If you’re in the cedar park area, then this is the place for you! Baltimore Pet Shoppe not only has a nice range of necessities for your pets, but they also partner with local rescue groups and animal shelters to arrange adoptions! This place is definitely a go to if you’re looking to add an addition to your pet family.


West Pets

Although West Pets has only been around for 4 years, it has very quickly become a neighborhood hot spot! In addition to the extensive variety of treats, toys, and food, they also offer a self service dog wash. If you do not have the space or supplies at home to give your little friend a bath, come by to West Pets because they have everything you need!


If you are interested in learning about more pet stores nearby, read the full article here.

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