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Brewerytown’s Revitalization

On August 9, 2018

1314 n marstonBrewerytown has been seeing much new development in recent years.  Girard Avenue and 31st Street have seen the most development, with a mix of new construction and renovation.  The Philadelphia Housing Authority is redeveloping part of the neighborhood along Ridge Avenue. Now, a new apartment building is planned at 1314 North Marston Street.  This new building is being designed by Ian Smith Design Group.

This new building will be five stories and have fourteen rental units.  The units will be 1,100 to 1,500 square feet. Two units will be on the small, setback fifth floor, and will have a roof deck on top.  A pilot house will lead to the roof deck. The first level will have fourteen parking spaces. The exterior will have a beige brick facade, except for the fifth floor, with horizontal and vertical relief work and large windows.  There will be planters with trees on the sidewalk out front.

1314 North Marston Street will fit in with similar small apartment developments in the Brewerytown neighborhood.  Brewerytown is, also, seeing larger new developments, like buildings by Westrum on 31st Street and the renovation of the Red Bell Brewing Company building.  

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