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East Kensington Continues to Grow

On July 10, 2018

2120 E YorkAnother mixed-use development is planned for the East Kensington section of Philadelphia.  This development would have apartments and industrial, commercial space like other new developments in East Kensington and surrounding neighborhoods, where mixed residential/industrial zoning is common.  It would be built at 2120 East York Street, replacing an old vacant mill. It is being built by CIVETTA Property Group and designed by KJO Architecture.

This new development would be five stories and have 56 rental units.  The first floor will have 6,000 square feet of commercial space, which could be used for industrial space like artist studios and artisan workshops, and/or retail space.  The apartments would be all one-bedroom units. Each floor will have small terraces, and the facade will have a checkered pattern of dark and light metal panels. The roof will have a terrace with seating, planters, a lawn, and picnic tables.  There will be 23 parking spaces facing Arizona Street, hidden by shrubs, and a bicycle storage room and bike racks on the street. The street will have new trees and a small plaza at the residential entrance. The building would have sustainable features, like an electric vehicle parking space and use of recycled materials.

East Kensington is experiencing a lot of new development, much of it geared towards creative personalities.  Kensington Courts is a similar development being built on Lehigh Avenue, with apartments, townhouses, and commercial space.  2120 East York Street continues this mixed-use residential development trend in the neighborhood.

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