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Kater Court will Further Develop Hawthorne Neighborhood

On June 15, 2017

kater courtThe Hawthorne neighborhood is just east of Broad Street and south of South Street.  It has seen much redevelopment over the years, with a mix of affordable and market rate housing.  New apartments are being built on Broad and South Streets and new condos and townhouses are being built on 12th and 13th Streets.  A few years ago, a development of large new townhouses started construction on Bainbridge and Kater Streets.  Nine large, five-story townhouses were built, four on Bainbridge Street and five on Kater Street, but the original developer went out of business and never finished construction on several other lots on those streets.  Now, developer Alinea Capital Group and architects Harman Deutsch have teamed up to complete the townhouses.  The development is being called Kater Court.

Kater Court will continue a similar design to the original homes.  They will be five stories tall and and have modern facades and upper floor bays with large windows and Juliet balconies.  The facades will have brick, cast stone, and metal cladding panels.  They will, also, have two car garages and several bedrooms, and possibly elevators like the original houses.  Each home will have a roof deck, set back five feet from the front cornice.  Kater Court will build sixteen new homes on the remaining lots.  One lot at Bainbridge and Clarion Streets, which was supposed to have an apartment building, will instead have three homes facing Clarion Street.

Kater Court joins several other recent developments in the neighborhood.  At 16th and South Streets, the former Royal Theatre is being largely replaced with a new apartment building, at 15th and South another new apartment building was built next to Jamaican Jerk Hut, at 13th and Lombard an extension of Waverly Court Apartments was recently completed, and around the corner from Kater Court is a new apartment building and townhomes along 13th Street, between South and Kater Streets.  Kater Court fills in some of the last vacant lots in the Hawthorne neighborhood.

By, Gabriel Gottlieb

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