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On December 3, 2020

How to Make the Most of Your Condo Space

Sometimes condos may not allow you the endless space you desire in your dream home. The condo you choose may not include a garage and all the possibilities a garage can offer; it may be without a substantial amount of overall storage space. However, there are ways to maximize a limited space so that you can live comfortably and give the impression that your place is a bit bigger than it actually appears.

Here are a few simple tricks to make the most of your condo:

Go with white.

White is the color that most reflects light (dark colors, on the other hand, absorb light, making a room feel smaller). White walls also make a room naturally brighter, which will allow it to feel larger. The space simply plays better with natural light coming through your window. If you choose a minimal amount of furniture, that furniture will better stand out.

Bring in the light.

Natural light is very “in.” It reduces shadows, and gives the feel of an environmentally friendly green space. Outside sunlight light will give more depth to your rooms, with a change in mood as the weather changes and the day goes on. Excuse the pun, but it will give your space more “atmosphere.”

Hang your art high.

It’s a psychological trick: forcing your guests to look up to admire your wall hangings gives the impression that your ceilings are higher. However, don’t go overboard with art and other wall hangings. Too much of anything in your small condo can make the space look cramped. Keep your place looking “open” to achieve that larger feel.

When it comes to furniture, don’t think small.

Actually, too many small pieces of furniture may bring the wrong message: clutter and chaos. Instead, consider a very few large pieces of furniture that make a statement and can still bring size to the room. A few well chosen larger pieces of furniture may work against the feeling of shrinkage.

Keep it neat.

A messy, disorganized space will look like chaos, which doesn’t send a message of largeness. Keeping your place tidy and organized will communicate a statement of airy, satisfying openness.

Try the mirror trick.

It’s an age-old hack, but mirrors really do give the illusion of a larger space. It also effectively reflects light, both natural and artificial. Keep the mirrors plain and simple — not too ornamental.

Store your storage.

You’ll want to pack away any item that doesn’t need to be visually present all the time. This could be extra blankets, books, knick-knacks, unused candles, and anything that may easily gather dust. You can get creative with your storage with the help of drawers, of course, but also consider tables, beds, sofas, and covered baskets that double as storage spaces. The idea is to keep your space open, tidy, organized and spare.

Create calm.

It doesn’t take much to keep it simple, which creates a sense of tranquility and order. Candles, scents, neutral-colored blankets, lamps that create small, cozy light, and smaller, basic furniture can do the trick. A small condo overstuffed with “stuff” may generate a sense of tension.

strong>Bottom line:

Condos have come a long way in their offerings of comfort and fine living. If your condo is not as large as you’d like, there are ways to create space and openness, by utilizing thoughtful organization, natural light, a sparse but attractive decorating plan and careful storage.

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