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Manayunk’s Venice Island is Seeing New Development

On March 26, 2018

venice islandManayunk’s Venice Island is prime real estate running between the Manayunk Canal and the Schuylkill River.  For decades it was used for industry, but in recent years it has experienced new apartment development in some sections.  The southern end of the island, just north of the Green Lane Bridge, has been considered for new development for years. It once had the Arroyo Grill restaurant, but that closed long ago and the small building was torn down.  Now, developers D3 Development and Concordia Group are proposing to build townhomes on that site between the Green Lane Bridge and Dranoff Properties’ Venice Lofts apartments. These new townhomes are being designed by Varenhorst Architects.

The development would have 68 townhomes in nine clusters.  The homes will be brick and will be four stories with pilot houses leading to the roof decks.  Each home will have a garage and there will be a small parking lot, for a total of 128 parking spaces.  The homes will be raised above the 100 year floodplain. There will be a trail along the Schuylkill River side and a walkway along the canal side, leading to the front of some of the homes.  The trails will connect to the Green Lane Bridge and Leverington Avenue on either side of the site.

Venice Island is becoming a popular destination in a lot of ways.  Recently, a new recreation center and performance venue was built and now it is becoming a popular residential neighborhood.  Venice Island continues to develop into a unique waterfront destination.

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