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New Apartment Building in Roxborough Adds to Ridge Avenue Improvement

On July 25, 2019

Ridge Avenue, in Roxborough, has been seeing new development recently.  This stretch of Ridge is a classic neighborhood commercial district, but some of the properties are experiencing new development, such as apartment buildings with retail spaces.  Some of these new buildings are rather large, sometimes incorporating historic structures, and others are small. They all help create a more vibrant commercial district for the Roxborough neighborhood.  One new development is at 5312 Ridge Avenue, a former garage that is now the creative studios and offices for PZS Architects. This property is about to be redeveloped into a small apartment building by PZS Architects, who are the owners of the property and will be the developer and designer for this new building.


The new apartment building at 5312 Ridge Avenue will be four stories tall and have 36 rental apartment units.  The apartment units will be one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. The building will have a retail space on Ridge Avenue, about 4,750 square feet in size.  There will be a parking garage with twenty parking spaces, accessible by Salignac Street in the back of the building. The building will have a fitness center, a green roof, and a large rooftop deck for residents.  The exterior will have red brick on part of the Ridge Avenue side and white precast panels, with gray trim, on the rest of the facades. The Ridge Avenue facade will, also, be angled at the door to the retail space, similar to the current studio and office building.


Roxborough will continue to develop on sites along Ridge Avenue and the Schuylkill River waterfront nearby.  Ridge Avenue will see more retail and more population to support that retail. Small properties used for industry or garages will be the ones that are most likely to see this kind of redevelopment.  The new apartment at Ridge Avenue is an example of the kind of development that Ridge Avenue and the Roxborough waterfront will see in coming years.

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