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New Apartment Building Will Add to Growth in Mount Airy Community

On April 17, 2019

Mount Airy is a popular neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia.  In recent years, Mount Airy has been becoming more popular, with several new residential developments.  The heart of the neighborhood is Germantown Avenue, and some of that new development is on that historic commercial avenue.  One such site is at 6311 Germantown Avenue, next to a historic burial ground. This site is a vacant lot with retaining walls around it.  Tierview Development plans to build a new apartment building on that site. This new building is being designed by Harman Deutsch Architects.


The new apartment building at 6311 Germantown Avenue will be four stories tall and will extend back from Germantown Avenue.  It will have sixty rental units and a large commercial retail space on Germantown Avenue. The retail space will have a small plaza next to it for outdoor seating.  The facade will be a traditional design with red brick, bay windows, and a slate mansard roof with dormer windows. The exterior of the rest of the building will have fibre cement board.  Behind the building will be a plaza and dog run. The roof will have a green roof and a roof deck. There will be no parking for cars, but there will be 58 bicycle parking spaces. The site is close to two regional rail train stations and buses on Germantown Avenue.


Mount Airy will continue to develop, especially as Germantown Avenue continues to see new developments and businesses.  Similar new development is occurring nearby in Germantown, Nicetown, and Chestnut Hill. Filling in vacant sites along Germantown Avenue will add to the neighborhood’s vitality and provide more housing for new Mount Airy residents.  The new apartment building at 6311 Germantown Avenue provides that new housing and further improvements to Germantown Avenue.

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