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New East Market Site for Organic Environmentally Friendly Market

On January 7, 2015

Mom's Organic MarketWith the start of a new year and a list of new year resolutions that we hope to keep, we welcome the news of the new East Market site for Mom’s Organic Market located at 34S. 11th St. They offer 100 percent organic products and state that they know of no other company that is as environmentally responsible as they. A little bit of both just made our list a little easier to keep.

“Like a more intimate Whole Foods fit into a Trader Joe’s-sized 16,000 square-foot space, Mom’s is designed to help draw the young and retired professionals to the four-acre block of planned new and renovated stores, apartments, offices, bars and restaurants bounded by Market, Chestnut, 11th, and 12th Streets.”

Read the full article at

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