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New Office Building to be Built on Market Street in University City Science Center

On May 23, 2016

3675 marketA new office building will soon be under construction on Market Street in the urban research park known as the University City Science Center. The new building will replace a large parking garage and a small office building at 3675 Market Street, next to the new 3601 Market Street apartment tower. It is being designed by ZGF Architects.

This new building will be 321,801 square feet and fifteen stories tall. It will stand 242 feet tall, about three quarters the height of 3601 Market Street next door. The University City Science Center focuses on helping high-tech companies grow and this new building is intended for those high-tech enterprises. The building will have sustainable features and amenities for the workers, including a green roof and a roof deck. It will be clad with large glass window panels and some aluminum trim.

This new building is intended to support a much larger development north of the Science Center, on the site of the former University City High School. University City High School was demolished recently to make way for an office complex, which will have two to three million square feet of office space, with new streets imbetween the office buildings. Next to 3675 Market Street, will be a newly recreated 37th Street, running from Market Street north to Powelton Avenue, at Lancaster Avenue.  This new building will have three retail spaces, on Market Street and around the corner on the newly recreated 37th Street. The University City High School site has been converted into large parking lots temporarily, so no new parking is being included in 3675 Market Street. Eventually, a parking garage will be built in the new development on the University City High School site, but the development will not need too much parking since the Market/Frankford line stops a block away and trolleys pass by on 36th Street.

3675 Market Street is part of a larger mix of new development along the Science Center’s stretch of Market Street. Besides 3601 Market Street, 3737 Market Street was built at 38th & Market Streets. It is an office building of similar size and height to 3675 Market. The Science Center plans to eventually develop new office buildings at parking lot sites at 34th & Market and 38th & Market Streets. 3675 Market Street is the beginning of an addition of millions of square feet of new high-tech office space, and thousands of new high-tech jobs, in the Science Center and Powelton Village.

By, Gabriel Gottlieb

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