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New Renderings Released for 30th St Station

On March 16, 2016

Schuylkill Bluffs ParkThe fourth draft of the 30th Street District Plan has been released to the public ahead of tomorrow’s open house at 30th Street Station, and there are renderings galore to go over. And so you don’t have to read through the 30-page document, we pulled eight important developments on the ambitious project that you need to know.


1. Improvements to 30th Street Station will likely happen first.

In a effort to increase accessibility to the train station, the plan proposes a number of upgrades: Access on all four sides of the building and reopening the North Concourse to increase platform access to Amtrak by 50 percent. The report says these improvements should be “achievable in the near term.”

2. Megabus and Bolt will actually have a real bus stop.

Right now, these bus stops are located across the street from the station along a sidewalk. The new plan proposes to move the stops to the north side of Arch Street—one of the new entrances to the station. The bus stop will be covered, and be connected via pedestrian bridge to the station.”

Read the rest of these exciting plans at

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