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South Kensington’s Creative Corridor Keeps on Growing

On July 13, 2017

1413 germantownGermantown Avenue, in South Kensington, has been experiencing much new development recently.  There has been a mix of small apartment buildings (some with retail spaces), townhouses, and renovations of formerly industrial buildings.  Many of these developments, and others in South Kensington, include workspaces for artists and creative companies, sometimes referred to as industrial space, as well.  Now, developer Hyon Kang and architects KCA Design Associates are designing a large development with two apartment buildings which include these creative, industrial workspaces.

The development would have two six-story buildings, one with 50 units and one with 70 units, for a total of 120 rental units.  There will be one, two, and three bedroom units, with more three bedroom units in the 50 unit building, which will have the same square footage as the 70 unit building.  The first floors will have the industrial, creative studio workspaces.  Each industrial workspace will be 5,200 square feet, taking up about half the first floor.  The other half of the first floors will have parking spaces, for a total of 35 spaces for cars and 44 bicycle parking spaces.  The parking entrance will be on Cadwallader Street.

The facade will use cast stone, metal panels, brick, and large windows, some glazed.  The parking space will have a wood and metal trellis covering it on the Cadwallader Street side.  Above the first floor will be bay windows on all sides.  The buildings will be separated by a courtyard, with permeable pavement and succulent plants.  Germantown Avenue will have new street trees.

1413 germantown1413 Germantown Avenue helps diversify the South Kensington neighborhood, with more loft apartments and workspaces for the growing creative industries in the River Wards section of the city.  It, also, provides increasing density in a once vacant area of the city.

By, Gabriel Gottleib

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