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The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Like an Architect for Halloween

On October 30, 2014

Le-CorbusierIn the last few years architecture has done quite the dance in the mainstream cultural consciousness—Pharrell is best friends with Zaha Hadid, Brad Pitt is pointing at things in close proximity to Frank Gehry, and Kanye practically (thinks he) is one. So, basically, it’s about time people started showing up at Halloween parties dressed as Le Corbusier.

From the French modernist’s signature spectacles to Zaha Hadid’s proclivity for swoop, many architects are all about their signature look, and this is the guide to here to show how to pull it off. Whichever of these genius’ costumes you use, remember to keep your tone quixotic, your facial expression thoughtful, and, when your friends admit they don’t know who you even are, your demeanor aghast. Note: to make it more spooky, feel free to add the word “dead” in front of the costume, but, be forewarned, it gets less funny if they actually are dead.

CorbusierCostume: Le Corbusier, legendary French modernist.What you’ll need: a double breasted, yet perfectly, tailored suit, long tobacco pipe, mean upper lip, a crisp white pocket square, and a pair of stark oval glasses to match the withering stare you’ll probably have to practice beforehand. Le Corbusier, known for both flashes of brilliance, an aesthetic colonialism, and, arguably, the modernist legacy, should always be pared down rather than turnt up. Just don’t forget the bald cap.

Read the full article at Curbed.

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