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Waterfront Boulevard – True Waterfront Neighborhood Along the Delaware River

On May 17, 2018

waterfront blvdThe Delaware River waterfront is starting to get built up with new highrises and parks.  Some of the waterfront has shopping centers along Delaware Avenue and Christopher Columbus Boulevard.  A section of the Delaware waterfront, on the 1400 block of Columbus Boulevard, has been vacant for a long time, but is being redeveloped by developer Bart Blatstein and US Construction.  The section being developed by Blatstein will have a shopping center on Columbus Boulevard and the section along the river bank is being developed into a neighborhood of townhomes by US Construction and designed by Atrium Design Group.  It is being called “Waterfront Boulevard”.

Waterfront Boulevard will have 169 townhomes on the river bank and 45 additional townhomes built on a pier jutting into the water.  Along the growing river trail will be a 3,000 square foot cafe and a separate community center. The community center will be raised above part of the trail and will have an adjacent pool and basketball court.  A new pier will extend from the community center and include a man-made lake, a marina for boats, and a beach and boardwalk leading to a deck at the end of the pier. The new neighborhood will have an extension of Dickinson, Tasker, and Reed Streets and a boardwalk separating the townhomes.  The townhomes will, also, be separated by several “common greens” with stone benches, landscaped flower beds, and pavers. The whole complex will have a total of 435 parking spaces, and a bicycle space for each townhome. The design will be ultra-modern, with corrugated metal panels, concrete blocks, and perforated metal railings.  The homes will have bays, balconies and large windows.

The lower Delaware River waterfront has been seeing much new development in recent years.  A large townhome development has been built at Columbus Boulevard and Catharine Street and a new highrise apartment tower is proposed to be built nearby at the former Pier 34, next to the Dockside apartments.  Waterfront Boulevard adds a major component to this growing neighborhood along the lower Delaware River waterfront.

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