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Waverly Court Grows an Additional 23 Feet Higher

On December 3, 2014

13th and Lombard StreetsThe Zoning Board of Adjustment approved a variance for the expansion of Waverly Court, an apartment building at 13th and Lombard Streets, which is a converted industrial building.  Waverly Court currently has 27 apartments in a four story building.  The expansion will add two floors to the existing building and add a six-story addition, on what is currently a parking lot.  The new extension will be built over the existing parking lot, which will be repaved.  The developers are adding 38 bicycle parking spaces in the lot. While the first floor of the new wing will have parking on the first floor and along 13th Street, the existing Waverly Court has the popular restaurant Amis along 13th Street.

The new wing will have 26 units and the two new floors, on top of the existing building, will have an additional eight units, for a total of 34 new units and 61 units in all.  The additional floors will change the height of the building from 47 feet to 70 feet, but they will be setback from the street.  The setback from 13th Street will be 10 feet and the setback from Waverly Street, where there are two neighboring rowhomes, will be 17 feet.  The developers are careful to hide the garbage dumpster, at the request of the neighbors.  The development was refused for the number of units and confusion over the occupied area, since the parking lot will technically still exist.

By, Gabriel Gottlieb

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